Sunday, March 29, 2009

Local Trails Update

I ventured onto the Toe of the Hill Trail yesterday followed by the Quigley single track and ending with a climb up Deadmans Gulch Ridge. The Toe Trail is in great shape with very little snow left only on some north facing/shaded sections. I was also informed from Becki Keefer that the Toe extension on the south end is in the process of being restaked and construction will begin very soon (also good news for those that need volunteer trail hours). The Quigley single track is in fine shape as well with some snow on the far end but not enough to deter the trail runner in search of dirt. The Deadmand Gulch Ridge, a name we have given this feature due to lack of a formal name for the peak, is clear all the way to the top. This ridge was recommended by local backcountry guru Mike Stevens as a good 2500' climb to practice some much needed power hiking legs. I'm here to say, its off trail, steep, rocky, and will take a solid hour to climb. The descent can prove to be just as difficult and almost take as long due to the rocky steep grade especially near the top. If you venture to this ridge be aware that Deadmans Gulch is private property. The ridge climb is split by the boundary fence most of the way up so one can easily stay on public lands. Now get out and enjoy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sun Peak Climb

Climbed Sun Peak today. The ridge trail is in pretty good shape. Snow will be encountered on the upper portion but if you go in the morning it will be hard enough that you shouldn't post hole. I continued over the first peak down to the saddle. At this point the snow was starting to loosen up and the post holing was driving me nuts, so I turned. If you are looking for some climbing it is definitely worth it up to the first peak. Stats: From the trail head to the saddle - just over a mile climb w/1600' of vertical.