Thursday, July 31, 2008

Results: Mitchell, Dart Run White River 50

Locals, Brad Mitchell and Hank Dart, toed the line in the shadow of Mt. Rainier for Saturday's challenging White River 50 Mile Endurance Run (race site). In his first ultra since a serious spring injury, Brad took on a stacked field and finished a strong 14th overall in 7:43:58, just three minutes off his top 10 pace from last year. Hank, in his first ultra ever, finished strong in 9:11:46, good enough for 48th overall. For more, check out Brad's blog post (post), the detailed USATF story on the race (story), and the select photos below, courtesy of Glenn Tachiyama.

Start (Photo © Glenn Tachiyama)

Brad blazing into Corral Pass (mile 16) (Photo © Glenn Tachiyama)

Hank coming into Sun Top (mile 37) (Photo © Glenn Tachiyama)

Beck at Corral Pass (mile 16) (Photo © Glenn Tachiyama)

Wardian into Sun Top (mile 37) (Photo © Glenn Tachiyama)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fast and Furious 2008 Elephants Perch Backcountry Run

The annual single track speed fest that is the Elephants Perch Backcountry Run stayed true to form for 2008 (race site). Blazing fast times took both the 10 mile and 16.5 mile races. Though final results are still pending, US Nordic Team member, Morgan Arritola, won the women's ten miler in a dash over an hour, and standout Sun Valley Ski Education Nordic skiers, Mike Sinnot and Taylor Sundali took one, two in the 16.5 miler, with accomplished ultra runner Brad Mitchell showing good post-injury return to form with a solid third. To feel like you were there, check out Brad's Addicted2Running post (post).

Postscript: (7-23-08) Full results now posted (results).

Monday, July 21, 2008

AJW Takes Vermont 100

Andy Jones-Wilkins wins Vermont 100 for second year in a row. Check out his blog

Congrats Andy

Top 3 finishers and other observations posted on Hank's Run Junkie blog (post).

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Skaggs Wins Hardrock 100 in Under 24 Hours

An amazing performance this weekend by Kyle Skaggs at the Hardrock 100. See my Run Junkie post for details and a YouTube video of his finish. --Hank

Monday, July 7, 2008

Linking Local Trails

Good mileage and climbing this weekend by linking some popular local trails. Check out my post at

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Adams Gulch Trail

On part of my long run today, I did the Adams Gulch Trail, which is basically a 9 - 10 mile extension of the classic Adams Gulch Loop, and I have to admit that it was a bit of a challenge. Even though it's part of the high volume, tourista paradise of Adams Gulch, it is clearly the trail of least use. For a good chunk of the six mile climb from where it separates from the classic Loop, it was either overgrown and quite narrow or made up of loose shale that was not doing my already tired legs any favors. The payoff for the rough and slow climb, though, was a spectacular, football field-sized hillside of yellow and lavender lupin near the top of the climb, just before you connect to trail 142 to head back to the Loop. With Harpers and the Fox Creek loop added, I got in about 25 - 26 miles today - 20 of which were hard fought. But, I feel good right now, and think I'll even be looking forward to Saturday's long run out Deer Creek. Cheers. --Hank