Thursday, July 3, 2008

Adams Gulch Trail

On part of my long run today, I did the Adams Gulch Trail, which is basically a 9 - 10 mile extension of the classic Adams Gulch Loop, and I have to admit that it was a bit of a challenge. Even though it's part of the high volume, tourista paradise of Adams Gulch, it is clearly the trail of least use. For a good chunk of the six mile climb from where it separates from the classic Loop, it was either overgrown and quite narrow or made up of loose shale that was not doing my already tired legs any favors. The payoff for the rough and slow climb, though, was a spectacular, football field-sized hillside of yellow and lavender lupin near the top of the climb, just before you connect to trail 142 to head back to the Loop. With Harpers and the Fox Creek loop added, I got in about 25 - 26 miles today - 20 of which were hard fought. But, I feel good right now, and think I'll even be looking forward to Saturday's long run out Deer Creek. Cheers. --Hank

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