Thursday, June 26, 2008

Western States 100 Cancelled Because of Raging NorCal Fires

Sure, the Shop to the Top was cancelled last year because of Castle Rock, so we know it can happen, but the scuttling of Western States seems nevertheless unfathomable, even as smoke from the NorCal fires brings haze to the Wood River Valley. It was, of course, the correct call. The unpredictability of wild fires, the huge length of the course, and the spread of competitors just made it a recipe for disaster, and the best thing to do was to wait for next year. Tough love, though, for the 400 athletes who were ready to toe the line, including the Valley's AJW - a consistent top placer who was making a more than realistic run at the Masters record this year.

For some links to blog posts about the Western States cancellation (including AJW's), check out my Run Junkie post (post).


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