Saturday, June 7, 2008

Race Report: 2008 TVR One-Hour Distance Classic

There was a great showing at the middle school track this past Thursday for the yearly running of the Titus Van Rijn Invitational One-hour Distance Classic (see previous post for details). Runners healthy and injured alike took the start at 5:45pm, each waging a personal battle against the gale force north wind down the stretch. Though exact distances are still being gathered, AJW had a stellar performance cranking out approximately 15,700 meters (9.8 miles). Daryl Fauth came in with a very solid 8.5 miles. Hank Dart, Mary Fauth, and Brad Mitchell rounded out the crew who took to the wind-blown oval. Black cherry soda was enjoyed by all afterward.

Row 1 (l to r): Daryl, Brad, AJW pre-race; Brad stretching; The start.
Row 2 (l to r):
AJW; Daryl; AJW
Row 3 (l to r): Mary; Hank; Black cherry soda

(If distances are wrong, please let me know)

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