Saturday, May 31, 2008

2008 Titus Van Rijn Invitational One-Hour Distance Classic

In lieu of, or in addition to, Thursday's speedwork at the middle school track, there will be a special, slightly organized running of the Titus Van Rijn Invitational One-hour Distance Classic. See "rules" below, but basically it is a relaxed, but still serious, one-hour effort on the track: See how far you can run in one hour and then report your results to the national organizer of the event (contacts below). A select amount of black cherry soda will be on hand.

Postscript: (6-7-08) Click here to view race report.

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Titus Van Rijn Invitational One-Hour Distance Classic

What: A one-hour distance running event

Who: All comers welcome - slow or fast; injured or healthy

Where: Wood River Middle School track

When: June 5 @5:30pm


* Your performance must take place on a standard 400 meter/440 yard track. Include partial laps in your final total; estimate distances as accurately as possible within reason.

* Send results to <> by midnight, 30 June 2008. In your results, please note name, total distance completed (in meters or yards), age, date, and location. We encourage you to include a brief report of your experience for the official race report.

* You may run the event more than once if desired, but only submit your best mark.

* You are encouraged to invite others to participate in the event. In many cases, our address list of past participants is incomplete, so we especially appreciate your forwarding this invitation to past runners not included in the original mailing.

* Complete results and race report will be sent to all participants.

* 'And you can dance…for inspiration' --


World champions in football and baseball celebrate with champagne; the victor at the Indy 500 gets a bottle of milk. At Titus Van Rijn, the celebratory beverage of choice for all participants is black cherry soda. We encourage you to maintain the tradition.

One-hour track records

World, women: 18,340 meters (~11.4 miles)

Tegla Loroupe (Ken), Borgholshausen, Ger 8/7/98

World, men: 21,285m (~13.2 miles)

Haile Gebrselassie (Eth), Ostrava, Czech Republic 6/27/07

, women: 17,273m (~10.7 miles)

Nancy Conz, Amherst, MA 6/25/81

U.S., men: 20,547m (~12.8 miles)

Bill Rodgers (GBTC), Boston, MA 8/9/77

TVR, women: 12,800m (~7.96 miles)

Kate Jennings (WA), Winthrop, WA 6/2/2007

TVR, men: 18,115 (~11.25 miles)

Greg Crowther (WA), Seattle, WA 5/27/2006

Additional Questions?

Please contact Andy Roth ( or Mike Persick (, TVR Race Directors.

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