Monday, May 19, 2008

Triple Vorberg and a Wondergirl Confession

First off, I have to confess that I didn't do the Wondergirl 5k. I was probably one of the few SVBR runners not to toe the line on Saturday in support of this great community event, but the interest from the troops at home (our 2 boys) was near nil, and I envisioned having to carry our 50 pound six year old on my shoulders for most of the race after he decided he just couldn't go on. Soooo.....I headed out selfishly on my own for three laps of the Carbonate-Vorberg loop. And despite wilting heavily on the third lap and having to dodge the same mean dog on my first and second climbs ("he doesn't like men running at him" What!?), it was a great morning of running and marks the end of my first phase of build-up to what I hope is my first ultra - the White River 50 toward the end of July.

Just a reminder, Brad's return to the trails post-injury is early June. I'm sure he'll be turning the screws on us all soon after that. Hope everyone's been training.

Any other run reports from the weekend?



Brad Mitchell said...

Well done Hank - Triple Carbo/Vorberg, thats good for a solid 24! Check AJW's post - 75+ miles over three days.
For me - I've about had it with recovery especially after this weekends weather and with the 1/2 next weekend. So, Doctor on Friday, praying he'll let me start doing "something" early.

Run Junkie said...

Hang in there, man. You're almost there. Here's the URL for AJW's post Pretty impressive.

Daryl Fauth said...

Three times??? That is 'DUDE'-worthy. Nice work. Wondergirl was a great turnout in any case. The guy who won ran it in black high-tops (he couldn't afford running shoes) so when he was presented with a gift certificate for new running shoes...the look was priceless. Very cool. See you guys soon. Last week of soccer.

p.s. Hank...can you send me my username/password info again? I appear to have lost it. Thanks!

Daryl Fauth said...

Thanks for my login info Hank. YEAH Baby!