Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vorberg Gulch Clear of Snow and Mud...and It's Top Notch

This afternoon I took my first full lap this season on the Carbonate-Vorberg Gulch loop, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Despite heavy legs and waning good cheer, the climb up Carbonate was good, the run over the ridge refreshing, and the single track descent into the Vorberg gully clear of snow and downright transcendent. As many folks know who have done it, it's hard to believe you're minutes from Hailey when you're in such an isolated area jamming down some pretty technical, serpentine trails. It's waiting for visitors. Cheers. --Hank


Brad Mitchell said...

My Garmin 205 measured this loop at approximately 7.9 miles car to car (starting at Carbo parking).
I confirm, a good short loop so close to town. Also a great loop for repeats - good climbing, relaxing cruising, and some bomber descending.
Can't wait to get out there.

Daryl Fauth said...

Thanks for the update Hank! I've been waiting for this one to open up.

Also, while a bit more crowded and not as long, Lane's out and back is open and you can connect into Citizen's Trail, which is mostly open except for the last 100 yards or so. I mountain-biked it on Wednesday and it was great. Really green out'll be amazed at the growth since the fire.