Thursday, May 29, 2008

What Trails are Giving You Spring Fever?

Trails are finally opening up fast and furious throughout the Wood River Valley. SVBR runners report that a lot of trails out Croy are great and Adams Gulch is running well. Corral creek has been fully open for a while. Now that Carbonate's not the only option for some good vertical, what trails have been haunting your thoughts when you should be doing other things?

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Brad Mitchell said...

Carbo-Vorberg - a quick 8 miler, close to town. Lunch hour trail speed work - Gun club nine.
Close to town grunt - Proctor loop, Aspen loop, Corral creek
Adams Gulch - good milage possible, sometimes to many people.
Possible favorite area - Deer Creek - good milage, good climbs, not to many people.
Another good one is when Mike Stevens plans an outing! Ya never know what will unfold.
Baldy trail repeats for a good beating!

I'll stop there, I could keep going on and on.