Sunday, January 11, 2009

Run Report: River Run, Warm Springs, Baldy Loop

This weekend, I finally got to test out a winter training route I'd been thinking about in the abstract for a while: A loop beginning at the River Run parking lot, with a road run to Warm Springs, then a climb up to the top with crampons, and then a run in crampons down to the River Run side (see route map below, click it for detail).

For those familiar with the trails, I went all the way up Warm Springs, then down Ridge to Blue Grouse, over to Roundhouse then down the Olympic cat track to Lower Olympic then finished off with Lower River Run.

All in all, it was about 9 miles car-to-car, with about 3300 feet vertical. Great winter quad seasoning. (For details on my times, check out my Attackpoint entry for January 9). It was also a great stress test of the Kahtoola KTS crampons, which are made specifically for strapping on to running shoes and attacking steep, groomed trails. (For more, check out my Run Junkie review).

With the high elevation gain Coyote Two Moon 100k looming for me in March, this (or a variation) will likely be a somewhat regularly January/February workout. Anyone interested in the next assault, let me know, and we'll try to coordinate.

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